Ready Player One

[The boundaries between the physical and digital worlds are getting extremely thin. #CGI #Trend ] In the “Ready Player One” SDCC trailer, if you look closely you can tell that Tye Sheridan’s face transitions to a CGI version as his… Read More ›

3 Exponential Techs To Watch

[We should all pay attention to 3 exponential technologies: #Genetics, #Nanotechnology, and #Robotics. #Trend ] Pay attention to the the trends in exponential technologies, particularly to “the big three.” GNR: Genetics, nanotechnology, and robotics. Subscribe: http:/… [read more] Source: YouTube

Robert Scoble

[This 21 minute presentation gives a quick insight into the upcoming technology (r)evolutions. @Scobleizer #Trend – ] Over the next four years, or two clicks of Moore’s Law, a ton about our technology world will change. Scoble will bring you… Read More ›