Stanley Robotics

[A valet parking robot (although obsolete once we have fully autonomous cars). #Robotics #AutonomousVehicles #Trend ] Stanley Robotics is a French robotics startup created in January 2015 and developing an automated valet service with robots that can move any car…. Read More ›

Security Robot (Robot Guard) Rover S5

[The first autonomous security robot (or robot guard). #Robotics #Trend ] ROVER S5 robotic complex is designed for autonomous movement along pedestrian pathways and wireless transmission of video picture taken by built-in video cam… [read more] Source: YouTube

3 Exponential Techs To Watch

[We should all pay attention to 3 exponential technologies: #Genetics, #Nanotechnology, and #Robotics. #Trend ] Pay attention to the the trends in exponential technologies, particularly to “the big three.” GNR: Genetics, nanotechnology, and robotics. Subscribe: http:/… [read more] Source: YouTube